Living Communication

~ authenticity, empathy, aliveness, wonder, compassion, body wisdom ~


I'm grateful you're visiting my humble website... 

The name "Living Communication" grew out of my blossoming passion for the work of Marshall Rosenberg's Nonviolent Communication (NVC) process, often referred to as Compassionate Communication, also Language of the Heart and even "Giraffe" Language.

I've be scattering the seeds of this compassionate language process since 2004 throughout Florida and in areas of Michigan and southern Oregon.  



Living Communication involves the blend of the awareness of what is alive in you (in this moment) and the capacity to express yourself with honesty and authenticit.  This work is about coming from a constant place of seeing the world with fresh eyes, with wonder... it's about trusting your own body's wisdom as a compass for meeting your needs, for living aligned with your values and it's also about nurturing yourself and others with compassion and empathy.


My desire is to share my years' knowledge and demonstrate living the NVC process in my personal life.  I share by offering individual coaching, community workshops and ongoing instructive classes in these very effective yet challenging life skills.  As well, I enjoy contributing to my and others' learning through organizing retreats and training arenas for CNVC certified trainers.  It's meaningful and exciting for me to know that i am a catalyst to some harmony in the world, beginning with me and YOU, in the community and watching the ripples of compassion reach out across the globe.

NVC enthusiasts globally have been blessed by attending instruction & coaching opportunities facilitated & organized by myself..... folks from Tampa to Miami,  Tennessee, Maine, Michigan, and even from locations as far away as Sweden, Sri Lanka & Katmandu have attended these sessions that i have created! 

Within these few pages, you will discover information on my  'Living Communication' offerings, which are offered with a high degree of integrity from my deepest understanding of Marshall' Rosenberg's Nonviolent Communication language process.  Additionally, you will find several links that will lead you to other folks, trainers and organizations with whom I trust deeply in sharing this profound work.  

I invite you to continue checking back as the site is updated periodically with new local and regional training events.

with deep care,    ~Mercedes


                                                                                                        "What I want in my life is compassion... a flow between myself and others based on mutual giving from the heart."   ~MB Rosenberg                                                   



INFORMATION:     compassionflower [at] gmail [dot] com